Monday, April 16, 2007

Book review: Oxygen

Author Susie Larson's latest newsletter has a nice review of my book Oxygen in it. You can read the whole newsletter by clicking here. Here's the review she did:

Great Books for a Deeper Life: Oxygen: Deep Breathing for the Soul by Keri Wyatt Kent$12.99

I love this book! Using timeless techniques in a contemporary way, Keri Wyatt Kent leads the reader to deeper places of rest, meditation, and prayer. She takes portions of Jesus’ journey on earth and brings them to life today. She asks you to read a certain passage, and then she asks you to go back to it again, but this time at a slower pace and with a listening ear. Over and over again you’ll ask yourself, what is God saying to me here? Keri leads you through journaling exercises that will help you reflect on and apply what you are gleaning from Scripture. I love the way Keri writes and I love her heart for intimacy. Buy this book!
Susie is an encouraging author and speaker. You can check out her blog at

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