Monday, May 14, 2007

A Missional community

I've had the privilege of getting to know Allison Hosack over the last two months, as we experienced Breakthrough Ministries BUILD class together. Allison is an intern at Willow and is heading up a team of 20-somethings who have decided to move into an under-resourced neighborhoood in Elgin to live in a "missional community." Her blog tells more about this "Elgin Experiment."

The idea is basically this: a group of Christian folks move into an apartment complex, and simply love their neighbors and build community with each other. Rather than go on "mission trips" to the city, they move in and become a part of a missional community. It's social justice activism at its finest.
While I'm way beyond my 20's, I'm excited about supporting Allison, in prayer, financially and by being what Allison and I call "an old person," --which, since I'm over 40, this team thinks I am. Allison told me she needed a few "old people" to stop by and visit, talk with and pray for her team, etc. But seriously, I want to encourage and cheer on this amazing group of young people. I have great hope for the church if this is the kind of radical faith this generation has.


Allison Hosack said...

Keri, the Elgin crew thanks you for the props. You are one of my favorite "old people" every : ).

Dianne said...

This sounds like a great idea. When I was in college, we took kids from Chicago on buses to church in the suburbs. I was never really comfortable with that - yes, we were able to boast numbers, but what's 4-6 hours in the life of a kid who lives in the midst of gangs and drugs the rest of the week? More and more I think "being there" is what makes a difference over the long run.