Thursday, May 10, 2007

What I'd like for Mother's Day

The other night, I got so mad about the imbalance of the workload in our house, I walked out during dinner. I blogged today at
about the whole "chore wars" situation:

My daughter was born just two months before Mother’s Day, thirteen years ago. That first year, I waited expectantly for my husband to acknowledge the day with a card or gift. Nope. “You’re not my mother,” he explained, genuinely puzzled.
After I explained that ten months of discomfort and 27 hours of labor pain obligated him to both card and lots of anti-oxidant rich dark chocolate, he’s done a much better job. He honestly didn’t know my expectations, but after I made those clear, he’s attempted to meet them. (read the whole article)

Post a comment--what do you want for Mother's Day? What about a cease-fire in the chore wars?

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