Thursday, July 5, 2007

Bringing yourself flowers

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here's a taste of my column on being kind to yourself:

I’ve always been one to bring flowers from my garden when I go visit someone. I recycle the little bottles that Starbucks Frappacino comes in (they look like mini old-fashioned milk bottles) to use as vases.
This summer, I feel like I spend more time at the computer than in the garden. But I have taken an important step of growth. I don’t just bring flowers to other people. I have had fresh flowers on my desk all summer. Right now, baby pink roses.
So often, I think, we don’t bother to offer ourselves the same kindness we bestow on others. So I’ve made it a discipline, really, to pick a small bouquet and put it on my desk. For me—to take care of myself, instead of only others. (Read the whole column here)

Also, for those interested in the Sabbath topic, I've put up another post on Today's Children's Ministry. Click here to read it.

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