Monday, June 18, 2007

MOPS International sponsors chat about Breathe

Some 110,000 moms around the country received a free copy of my book Breathe: Creating Space for God in a Hectic Life last month, courtesy of my co-publisher, MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers). MOPS sent it, along with MomSense magazine, to all of their members. Since that mailing went out, I've been getting e-mails almost daily from women who tell me how much they enjoy the book. Like this one from Tonya in Byron, IL:

"I just started reading Breathe for a book study with my MOPS group. So far, I LOVE IT!!!!! I think it is just what most of the women in my group need right now. I can't tell you how many times I talk to my fellow mothers and the whole time we just compain about how busy we all are. Most of our children are still young enough that we can set our boundaries now and try to hold onto them. My husband and I have just started attending church after a LONG absense. Strangely, we didn't think we had time to commit to joining a church... however, that should have been one of our top priorities. I have felt God's work in my life a lot lately and bringing this book into my life is just another blessing. Just wanted to share with you that your book has reached out and touched my life. Thank you. Sincerely, Tonya"

Now that people have had a chance to start reading the book, MOPS is sponsoring an on-line discussion group at their website this week.

If you have a question or comment about the book, or you're just thinking about picking up a copy and want to see what the book is about and listen in on a discussion of it, just go to and you'll see the instructions for how to participate.
If you're a MOPS member and going to the annual convention this September, I hope you'll sign up for the workshop I'm leading there. It's based on my book Oxygen.

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