Monday, April 14, 2008

It keeps you running...

One of my favorite memories of my junior high and high school years is not of a single event, but of a practice, a regular routine--of jogging with my dad.
We'd get up early, before I went to school and he went to work. We'd trot about three miles or so, rain or shine. Or snow.
So when my 14-year-old announced she wanted to run track this year, it got me thinking about that bonding time with my dad. And how, perhaps, I could do the same with my daughter. So I started getting on the treadmill at the health club this winter. I'm up to more than two miles, at a pretty slow pace, admittedly, but I can keep going for 20 to 30 minutes.
So I asked my daughter if we could try running together. I told her we had to go slow (she recently ran the mile at a meet in about six and a half minutes), so we could increase our endurance. Well, so I could increase my endurance. She plays soccer and now runs track, and is in great shape. Me? Well, I'm trying.

It was windy and about 35 degrees yesterday afternoon, but we ran more than a mile. And we decided we will do this not just to get in shape (since she already is in shape!) but for a purpose.
This month, in church and in our home, we are focusing on, and praying about, world hunger. So it's fitting that Mel and I are training for an upcoming 5K "Run for Hungry Children" sponsored by Bright Hope International.

The run is May 17. If you'd like to sponsor us, or even better, join us, leave a comment about that.

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Dianne said...

So cool you can continue a tradition with your daughter that you enjoyed as a girl with your dad. I agree, running or walking for a purpose puts a whole different spin on it. I did one last year and loved it.