Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 5

As some of you know (if your read all of the post below) my family and I have engaged in the "five day challenge" along with thousands of others at Willow Creek. Today is day five of eating oatmeal for breakfast, a small serving of rice and beans with a tortilla for lunch, and dinners consisting of rice, beans, a bit of chicken or fish, and a small amount of vegetables. We had occasional snacks of fresh fruit.
We did this to connect, in a very tangible way, with the plight of the poor. Over half the world's population eats this way, probably in smaller portions than I did. and the looming shortages of rice and flour in the headlines today make the situation even more desperate for many more people. We're also taking the money we saved on groceries and donating it to help the hungry.
My entire family joined in this challenge, although I supplemented my kids' meals with milk and a bit larger portions than the recommended one cup. they continued their normal activities, which for my daughter included soccer and track. (she got a few extra tortillas!)
What would it be like to be a mom who could not just give your child an extra tortilla? Who could not offer a break from the monotony of rice and beans with a bit of fruit? My 12-year-old son was hungry last night, I gave him an orange. "I think oranges are the best fruit," he said as he devoured it.
this week has touched us. It has changed the way we pray, the way we view the poor. We will never say the word "hunger" again without remembering this week. We will never be the same again.


Llama Momma said...

Keri -- I love this. I am challenged just reading it.

I would love to do this with my family on a smaller scale...with an almost two-year old and six year old boys, I don't think I could do five days.

I would love to find some tangible way for my boys to connect with the poor.

Lori said...

What a fantastic idea. I am going to have to plan to employ this at some point with my family.

I have just discovered your blog and I am so thrilled! I am currently using "Oxygen" to enrich my prayer life, and I love it. The inclusion of lectio divina, and the Ignatian techniques really sets it apart from so many other "devotionals."

Dianne said...

Yes this has challenged me as well. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Keri Wyatt Kent said...

Thanks for your comments. Llama mama, this would be hard with young kids. but even cutting out junk food, over processed stuff, or sugary snacks will actually make them healthier.
It was pretty cool to do it as a church. there was solidarity not only with the poor, but with our church body as many other people joined in the challenge. My daughter and her friends would encourage each other at school.
Lori, I'm glad you found us! Welcome and I hope you'll visit again soon.

Keri Wyatt Kent said...

Okay, a couple of people have asked me about setting boundaries with your parents, when you are an adult.
tricky question. how do you honor, yet set boundaries with, your parents, esp. as they age and need your care and, eventually, your supervision?
I'd say begin by reading the original "Boundaries" book by Henry Cloud and John Townsend.
but I'm going to research this further. Readers, any suggestions??