Thursday, October 25, 2007

California fires

Thanks so much to all of you who prayed for my parents. It appears that their home in Escondido is safe, miraculously. I blogged about it today over on Boomer Babes Rock, click on over to check it out.

while the pictures of devastation and destruction filled the news even here in Chicago, my mother said one of the most amazing aspects of this tragedy was something that was not tragic at all.

The story behind the story is about the kindness of the people of San Diego. My mother said Qualcom stadium was full of evacuees, but there were almost as many folks there volunteering to help. thousands of people brought food, bottled water, blankets, air mattresses and more to the places where displaced folks were staying. The Red Cross was overwhelmed by trying to manage all the donations.

My parents' home was very close to the fires, they were certain they would lose it. So far, it has been spared, for which we're very grateful.

Even my parents, hearing on the news a request for help with some nursing home residents who had been displaced, decided to go over and volunteer. They were turned away, even tho my mom is a registered nurse, because there were too many volunteers. People brought donations of everything, including numerous boxes of Depends, mom reported to me. :)

While it's scary and sad to see the fires, it is amazing to see how people are pulling together and helping each other.

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Sue @ praise & coffee said...

Thanks for giving us insight on these-it brings it all home to hear personnal stories.

I'm so glad your parents are ok.