Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kids and Homework

Hi everyone,
thanks so much for your prayers, my parents house in Escondido is still standing, as far as we know (see post below). Right now they are not allowing anyone in to that area, since several houses in the neighborhood were burned. Keep up the prayers.
also, wanted to let you know about a cool site, Boomer Women Speak, run by Dotsie Bregel, one of the Boomer Babes I blog with. They published an article I wrote recently on an experience I had helping my daughter with her homework.
check it out here.


Tina B Mosaic....Pieces of My Life said...

Keri, will keep you in prayer. Have you ever met someone, maybe not even in person and feel kindred to them? I feel that way. It is so amazing how God works. I rescently bought your book "breathe." Was organizing my area by my sitting chair and kept viewing the book, never looked at your name or payed close attention to it.
I was on the SLW site and came across your book and there it was my book i just bought. Then I go to all your sites. Our hearts are so intuned and our faith in how we live is very kindred. You even seem to quote my favorite quotes. I just added a quote to my blog today, from Parker Palmer and you quoted it. Your thoughts on how to live in touch with our heavenly Father is ever so true. THANK YOU. I hope to meet you one day. I can not wait to purchase your other books. I am tight on cash so I will have to purchase them one by one. I love to write and everyone tells me I should, I guess I am scared and my grammer gets confused. I look forward to reading breathe. Can I have your permission to do it on my blog as a study? Thanks, until we meet face to face I will continue to enjoy the companionship of our spirits. Tina.

Keri Wyatt Kent said...

thanks for visiting my blog. I know you will enjoy OBreathe. Of course you are more than welcome to do a study of it, in fact, there is a free download-able study guide for Breathe on the MOPS website, at http://shop.gospelcom.net/isroot/MOPShop/SiteImages/prod/breathe_questions.pdf
Thanks for your kind words. blessings to you,